Solomon Kane The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane


18. März 2004
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The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane


The Pilgrim's Path is choked with evil. It is a dark era, teeming with unseen horrors. Thankfully, there are those like Solomon Kane who walk the world, confronting the hidden evils. But the ranks of foes are endless, and there are adversaries the likes of which have never been seen. Pray you are equal to the task.

There is no safe corner of the globe; evil is upon the land in every quarter. Cults and creatures, man and monster, even simple-seeming tomes so terrible that the readers' souls are lost. From beneath the sea, within the earth, and under the cities, the siege of humanity wears on. Can you face The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane?

This book contains over twenty new adversaries for those who walk the Path of Kane. Each foe is fully detailed with an accompanying ready-to-run Savage Tale.
The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane is not a complete game. You also need the Savage World of Solomon Kane the roleplaying game based upon the incredible works of Robert E. Howard, author of Conan the Barbarian ®, Kull the Conqueror ®, and countless other great heroes and heroines. The Savage World of Solomon Kane is based on the award-winning Savage Worlds TM rules and is customized to capture the spirit of Robert E. Howard's dark tales.

This full-featured PDF includes a hyperlinked table of contents and index, bookmarks, and layer controls so you only print what you need.
Es sind genau 21 Savage Tales, die - anders als z.B. bei Rippers, wo es nur ums Monsterplätten geht - hier wie bei SK üblich stark an gut ausgearbeiteten PERSÖNLICHKEITEN der schurkischen Übeltäter ausgerichtet sind. Das erlaubt einem Spielleiter diese Charaktere deutlich souveräner und überzeugender darzubieten.

Wer sich mal über die Karten zu den Schauplätzen informieren will, für den gibt es KOSTENLOS das Savage-Foes-Map-Pack auf der Pinnacle-Seite zum Download.

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