World of Myth

World of Myth
Before recorded time. Before truth. Before history. Before man sat upon the thrones of their lives, there was myth. The stories kept people safe in the darkness. Gave them a reason to strive for light and courage in the fight. Stories of heroes bring hope. Confidence in the past and anticipation for the future.
World of Myth is a lore and art book for the popular Myth cooperative adventure boardgame. Inside you will find fiction, play advice, and beautiful illustrations to inspire your play and prepare for the next Dawn of Heroes!
Short stories by Brian Shotton, Ross Watson, and John-Matthew DeFoggi
Plot summaries to catch you up on all the previous Myth adventures
Lore overviews for every hero class introduced so far
Guidance for solo play, including multi-class deck construction
The Art of Myth
A full bestiary, including brand-new information about the Lucanines
Whether you are a veteran hero or are just beginning your journey into Myth, The World of Myth has many wonderful new things to discover.

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