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Da es scheinbar noch keinen eigenen Thread gibt ...
Also trotz aller total professioneller Kritik im Vorfeld (ähnlich schön wie bei dem Conan Trailer), freu ich mich abartig auf das erste Release.

11 March 2011 - Cubicle 7 Outlines Plans for Lord of the Rings™ RPG

The One Ring™, the fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings to be released by Cubicle 7 Entertainment in partnership with Sophisticated Games, is one of the most eagerly awaited RPG releases of the year. With gamer and fan anticipation growing toward the August 2011 debut, Cubicle 7 today released some details about the format and content of the game line’s first release: The One Ring™: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild.

The adventure begins five years after the events of The Hobbit. The defeat of the Dragon, the ousting of the Necromancer and the stunning victory of the Battle of Five Armies has made the land a much safer place. The Free Peoples of Wilderland are looking beyond their own borders for the first time in generations. Merchants are opening up previously-abandoned trade routes, bringing prosperity to the region and renewing bonds of friendship between long-estranged cultures. But while Lords and common folk become complacent in their new-found security, much evil still lurks in Wilderland. From the Orc-holds of the mountains to the dark and corrupt depths of Mirkwood a darkness waits, recovering its strength, laying its plans and slowly extending its shadow.

Small companies of heroes set out to explore the newly-opened frontiers. Whether their goal is to protect their homes, recover the treasures of a lost age or carry out the orders of their King, they could find themselves in the front lines of the battle against the ancient enemy, in adventures over the Edge of the Wild.

Focusing on the region of Wilderland – from the east of the Misty Mountains through Mirkwood to the Lonely Mountain – the game covers the geography of the region and its major cultures. Immersion in the setting is at the heart of the game. Players create their characters from the cultures of the region, integrating them fully with the setting and giving them a personalstake in the unfolding events. The wood elves of Mirkwood, the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain, the Woodmen of western Mirkwood, the Bardings of Dale, Beornings, or hobbits that have ventured into the region after Bilbo’s return to the Shire, are among the characters featured in the initial release.

The August release is the first of a series of core game titles. 2012 and 2013 will see similar core releases expanding from that point, first with provisionally titled The Errantries of the King and then leading up to the War of the Ring. Each of these will expand the attention given to Tolkien’s world as well as the range of playable cultures and races. “You could compare our approach to the way Fantasy Flight has handled the 40K franchise,” commented Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Cubicle 7’s Director of RPG Development. “We have a huge setting to explore, and this lets us approach it in stages, covering each element in detail instead of trying to stuff an encyclopedia of information into the initial release. It also helps players build their campaigns in a dramatic fashion. With Adventures over the Edge of the Wild as the starting point, the grand story of The Lord of the Rings is starting out, in the background, but players start at a point where they can influence events instead of just being along for the ride.”

This approach also allows the game to take on an epic, multi-generational character. While characters of long-lived races can span the different setting periods, others can pass the torch to their heirs (spiritual or ancestral) in later periods. “Some people have compared this aspect of the game to the classic RPG Pendragon,” Dominic went on to say. “It fits really nicely with Tolkien’s long view of his world.” In fact, the game is highly focused on Tolkien’s themes, with an emphasis on such values as hope, valor, and wisdom reflected in the rules as well as the background material.

The initial release will consist of two core books: the Loremaster’s Guide for GMs and the Adventurer’s Book for players. A full line of supplementary products will follow, with early releases including a Rivendell sourcebook and a campaign guide.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment is a British-based publisher of games such as Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Victoriana, Legends of Anglerre, SLA Industries and The Laundry as well as the forthcoming The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild roleplaying game based on The Lord of the Rings, Primeval, and Airship Pirates RPG, a steampunk game based upon the worlds of Abney Park. Cubicle 7 also publish a wide range of games on behalf of a number of partners including Arc Dream Publishing, Contested Ground Studios, Adamant Entertainment, Gun Metal Games and Rite Publishing.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment can be contacted on info@cubicle7.co.uk.

Sophisticated Games is the publisher of all book-based Lord of the Rings and Hobbitboard games, and has created, in partnership with key companies worldwide, The Lord of the Rings (Reiner Knizia series), The War of the Ring (with Nexus), The Hobbit (Reiner Knizia) and Middle-earth Quest (with Fantasy Flight Games). It is proud to work with Francesco Nepitello the author and inspiration behind these first two RPG books, as well as the famed Tolkien artist John Howe, a long time collaborator on Sophisticated Games’ output, who this time shares graphic honours with artists Jon Hodgson and Tomasz Jedrusek.

P.S. Die ersten Illus die es bereits zu betrachten gibt, lassen hoffen das das Game optisch schon mal ein Leckerbissen wird.
P.P.S. Darüberhinaus bin ich echt froh das Cubicle 7 das Ganze in die Hand nimmt. Mal von den Qin Übersetzungen abgesehen, hat mich die Company bisher noch nicht enttäuscht.
AW: The One Ring

Hm, Cubicle 7 ist einer der Rollenspielverlage mit der größten Qualitätsspanne. Bin skeptisch. Aber: Die Previews sehen wirklich klasse aus!
AW: The One Ring

Die englische Ausgabe soll zum GenCon (August) erscheinen. Mal sehen, ob das klappt.


Gerade entdeckt, die deustche Ausgabe soll im 4. Quartal (also wahrscheinlich vor Weihnachten) erscheinen.
AW: The One Ring

August wird schlecht für'n Geldbeutel ...

Edit: Wobei, wenn ich mir natürlich so anseh wer da vor mir gepostet hat, is das natürlich Ansichtssache. ;)
AW: The One Ring

P.S. Die ersten Illus die es bereits zu betrachten gibt, lassen hoffen das das Game optisch schon mal ein Leckerbissen wird.
P.P.S. Darüberhinaus bin ich echt froh das Cubicle 7 das Ganze in die Hand nimmt. Mal von den Qin Übersetzungen abgesehen, hat mich die Company bisher noch nicht enttäuscht.

Kannst mal einen Link zu den Bildern geben?
AW: The One Ring

Kaum. Cubicle 7 ist nicht gerade für die Einhaltung von Terminen bekannt.
Die englische Version wurde jetzt auf "Irgendwann im Oktober" verschoben.
AW: The One Ring

Also die deutsche Version wird es wohl zur Messe schaffen. Auch wenn es knapp wird, ist Uhrwerk da zuversichtlich.
AW: The One Ring

konnte es vorletzte woche mal auf einem kleinen con bei mir in der umgebung anspielen. das spiel wusste so gut zu gefallen, daß ich jetzt einmal im monat bei einer kampagne mitmache. ich warte schon gespannt auf die druckversion. wenn die deutsche version wirklich so pünktlich erscheint, hat sie tatsächlich chancen auch von mir gekauft zu werden. naja, warten wir es mal ab.
AW: The One Ring

Tatsächlich. Seit heute zu haben.
Wenn Roland fix is, kann ich's mir am Samstag endlich zu Gemüte führen. Bin sehr gespannt.
AW: The One Ring

So ich habs vorbestellt. Die Regeln kann ich zwar für meine Herr der Ringe Kampagne nicht gebrauchen, aber die Regionalinfos und Karten für die region werden den Preis sicher wert sein.
AW: The One Ring

Also ich bin absolut begeistert.
Das Game springt mir gerad in diesem Moment mit seiner Atmosphäre und den Abenteuermöglichkeiten geradezu mit dem nackten Arsch in's Gesicht.

Fazit nach dem ersten Durchblättern:
Tolles, auf Tolkien eingehendes System. Viele Ähnlichkeiten mit Pendragon 5th (was gut ist). Großartiges Artwork. Sauberes Layout. Schöne Karten.
Negativ fällt mir bis jetzt nur die suboptimale Handhabung der Box auf.
Oben Unten