DCC: Sanctum Secorum im Gespräch mit Michael Moorcock


Am 8. Oktober um 22:00 Uhr könnt ihr auf dem Goodman Games Twitch Kanal ein Interview mit Michael Moorcock sehen:

The Sanctum Secorum is pleased to announce a special episode of Sanctum Secorum Live with guest Michael Moorcock. In honor of the forthcoming release of the newest book in the Elric saga, The Citadel of Forgotten Myths, Mr. Moorcock will be talking live about Elric, his new book, and more. Perhaps more importantly, he will also be taking questions from you, our viewers!

Da ich leider auf der SPIEL bin, werde ich wohl erst im nachhinein das Interview schauen können, bin aber wirklich gespannt, was David, Bob, Jen und Marc mit Michael Moorcock besprechen. Am 6. Dezember erscheint zudem ein neuer Elric-Roman: The Citadel of Forgotten Myths.

Elric is the estranged emperor of the Melnibonéan empire, struggling with his nature while desperately striving to move forward with his dying empire alongside the constant thirst of his soul-sucking sword, Stormbringer. Elric is on the hunt for the great Citadel of Forgotten Myths while traveling through the remnants of his empire with his tragic best friend Moonglum, as Elric seeks the answers to the nature of the phroon of The Young Kingdoms. Taking place between the first and second book in the Elric Saga, The Citadel of Forgotten Myths is perfect for longtime fans and those new to this epic fantasy series.

Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass wird ein Elric-Weihnachtsfest!

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