Strange Eons - Cthulhu Rap, meine Edition



Strange Eons - Cthulhu Rap
When he´s on the mike he rocks da place
He is that vengeful MC from outer space
He has tentacles growin all out of his face
N unmatched Nemesis to the human race
C..C.. Cthulhu arrived in long gone nights
C..C..Cthulhu arrested here by weird rites
Cold kicking in R´yleyh down under sea
He has pretty bad plans for you and me
Ain´t got no girl, ain´t need no shank
His wrath made torture seem a prank
Old school McDaddy out 4 weird shit
His posse in effect – quite proud of it
That is not dead which can eternal lie
N with strange eons even death may die
Mad prophet Alhazred wrote a line or two
Which the Necronomicon reveals to you
Unspeakable horror is coming your way
And when it does it will be here to stay !
Rapture your mind with that horrible sight
He´ll come 2 da hood when da stars R right
The dreaded knowledge has not yet vanished
Your mind will shatter but them get banished
That gangsta from R´yleyh are pretty smart
Start chanting that latin they pull your card
Caring nothing about life, but to be insane
Don´t quote me boy or I´ll taste yer brain
Their tentacloid power is a bloody mess
Boyz, to us this means insanity or death
Haunting Greenwich, Arkham, Maine
This myth is worse than crack cocaine

This Rap is included as a summary of background data, it is not my creation, just edited by me. I found it at Andre`M.Pietroschek,
Oben Unten