Skin Trade Empire - A Work of Progress

23. Februar 2003
Ausnahmsweise auf englisch, obwohl ich normalerweise für das Forum deutsche Texte vorziehe:

The Skin Trade is often seen as a mere label for a collection of independent criminal operations or small soft companies trafficking exclusively in sex slaves and other types of human merchandise.

In reality, the different Traders identified by SLA Industries' authorities are all part of the same corporate entitity, to insiders collectively known as Skin Trade Empire (STE). Nominally a Soft Company, STE borders in size and diversity on a full fledged Suppressor Power contending with the likes of Dark Night, Thresher Inc. or even mighty SLA Industries.

STE go beyond their perceived image as market leader of the sex trade and a key player in the adult industry to a diversivied and far reaching business portfolio ranging from foodstuffs, manufacturing, and general services to advanced solutions in the fields of medicine, biogenetics, and science friction technologies.

SLA might not realise it, but even in their own backyards there is blood in the waters.

One of the reasons the SLA security apparatus has such a hard time to crack the secrecy surrounding their newest corporate rival lies in the unconventional way STE has structured their business.

Taking a page from the book of their suspected mentors within Dark Night and building upon it, the basic unit of organisation within STE is the 'crew', a collection of individual employees (or 'associates' as they are called within the company) who focus on furthering STE's agenda in a particular area.

The exact composition and size of a crew are dictated by its responsibilities within the larger structure of STE. Common organisational models include crews specialising in certain business areas, such as the actual slave trading outfits but also fashion designers and retail outlets, and regional crews uniting available local ressources under a single flag, as is often the case when comitting to penetrate a new market or consolidating local dominance. Accordingly, support crews provide a variety of services to the others, including internal security and - at the top levels of organisation - the required financial backing.

The crews act together as a cohesive whole against outside forces, but within they compete with each other in an internal market not much unlike the one created and controlled by SLA Industries and populated by its various departments and subsidiaries.

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