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13. Juli 2006
hat jemand hier noch ein paar Spielmaterialien (Handouts für Missionen, der Lament-Persönlichkeitstest von der WW-Webseite, Pläne des Orpheus-Compound, Bilder von Mitarbeiterausweisen, etc.).

Ich hatte bis vor ein paar Jahren ziemlich viel davon gesammelt, was damals im Fandom so rumgeschwirrt ist - leider ist das Material bei einem Festplattencrash verschütt gegangen. Da ich jetzt gerne eine Kampagne starten würde, wollte ich fragen, ob jemand anderes noch solche Schätze irgendwo gespeichert hat und sie evtll. mit mir teilen würde.
Ich glaub von den oben genannten WW-Sachen hab ich kaum was. Ich kann aber die Docs anbieten, die ich für meine Chronik gemacht habe.
Die meisten sind in .doc Format. Ich habe auch ein paar PDFs.
Ok, ich hab mal ein bisschen meine Festplatten durchforstet und habe ca. 1.5 GB gefunden, die ich jetzt halbwegs geordnet versuche hier nach und nach zu posten. Ich fang mal an mit Dingen, die ich seinerzeit irgendwo im Netz gefunden habe. Bei vielen Sachen kann ich unmöglich sagen, ob es offiziell oder Fanmade war. Aber nett und nützlich fand ich sie schon. Also zuerst mal halbwegs unsortiert, alles was ich nicht selber gemacht habe:

(PS: Falls das irgendwie ein Copyright Problem ist, bitte löschen.)
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Orpheus Errata

Sean Smith and J. Edward Tremlett

~ Updated! 12/5/2003 ~​

This list is based off of questions asked - and answered - both on White Wolf's Orpheus forum or by private email. Many thanks go to those who asked, and to Lucien Soulban, C. A. Suleiman and Matt McFarland for taking the time to answer.

If you manage to come across an officially-answered question whose answer isn't anywhere to be found in an Orpheus product, or else get an official clarification to a rule, or explanation of a less than clear rule, please email Sean and J at mistersake@msn.com and reggies_ghost@hotmail.com. respectively, so we can put it up here.

Q. Orpheus states explicitly that a character's starting Vitality is set at the end of the character creation process. However, if I spend experience points later on to raise my permanent Vitality score, is the new, higher permanent Vitality my new 'starting Vitality'? Or is my starting Vitality always going to be where it started from, no matter how high I raise it?
A. The new, higher Vitality rating is your new 'starting' or baseline Vitality.

Q. In that vein: if my Spite Rating goes two higher than my Starting Vitality, then all my character's Stains are manifested. If I was to buy up my Starting Vitality with experience, thus decreasing the distance between my Spite Rating and Starting Vitality, then do the Stains submerge once more, or do they remain visible?
A. They submerge and vanish because your new Vitality Rating is now offsetting the Spite differential. If you gain another Spite rating, however, they return full bloom.

Q. What Backgrounds are unavailable to Ghosts? There's some confusion in Chapter Three, as it says one thing in one place and another thing in another place.
A. Ghosts cannot take Health Insurance or Personal Trainer - final answer. Detective License slipped through as a mistake, but frankly, a ghost that can manifest should still be able to use his detective license to snoop around as long as someone carries his credentials when he ghosts. He has to get the license before dying, however. Health Insurance is unavailable because of... well, death! Trying to fake an injury as a manifest ghost isn't going to work because you can't really pass a doctor's exam.

Q. Is it be possible to use the Forebode Horror while NOT Projecting?
A. Not the way the rule is written, but frankly, it's good Storytelling to let a Banshee's Forebode Horror "leak" into her living life. Most psychics have little control over what they see or experience, so it's perfectly reasonable that the player controls the Horror when her character is a spook, but the Storyteller controls the moments Forebode might leak into the course of one's living life.

Q. Can Hues call up their Stains by spending Vitality no matter what their Spite Rating is, or do they have to wait until it gets to 4, just like everyone else?
A. Yes, they can use Stains, regardless of their Spite Rating. They are already touched by Spite through their pigment addiction, so they don't have to wait until hitting a Spite Rating of 4

Q. The Scythe stats for Grimm the Reaper in the main book use Aggravated Damage. I thought it was a typo, but the same stats are used for Valentino in Shades of Gray. Could you fill us in as to why the Reapers' Scythes have these stats?
A. It's a typo... of sorts. It wasn't supposed to be there, but End Game will have a write-up on Aggravated Damage and why it doesn't really appear until that book. That said, the damage should have been listed at Lethal (because I don't believe on deliberately depriving the players and Storytellers of immediately relevant information), but that's the difficulty of editing books (oh, say Difficulty 8). Sometimes the text requires macro edits, and you occasionally miss the micro-edits.

Q. Were there ever plans for other Laments?
A. We were planning on including a fifth lament up to the point after the promo sheets went out. We then decided that the fifth lament ended up by being too cheesy, the way certain products try jamming inane classes or spells just to fill content (you know, spells like Bigby's Grand Slam Breakfast or classes like the Rancor Jedi).
Each book, however, does have something new for character generation or playability, so there's always crunchy stuff for players to enjoy and material for Storytellers to use to turn those new toys against the players : )

Q. What was the 5th Lament going to be?
A. I was thinking about a projector who could only project within a hundred feet of his body, but retained enough control over his body that he could guide it as well. Then that opened up a nasty can of worms on whether this constituted splitting of dice pool or if it detracted from the other players (with one player controlling two characters). Ken Cliffe had his reservations about the Lament, and I kept having flashes of "me and my pet zombie" jokes, so the idea got nixed in favor of more stuff to encourage group cohesion.

Q. I can't seem to find solid rules as for how long Manifesting lasts. Is everything scene based?
A. Pretty much. Because Vitality is both your health (as a spook) and your ability to manifest and use Horrors, it gets drained fairly quickly. So, manifest and many powers use scene-based durations to prolong their effectiveness.

Q. I couldn't find out how much damage is inflicted on living victims of a Banshee. It isn't listed in the description of the Horror's system, but there is a line implying it was supposed to be in there.
A. Ack! Well, it was in the final files, so what probably happened was that the conversion of the files from me, to Ed Hall, to Production, probably resulted in the snafu. Still, here's what you folks need to know starting with the paragraph in which it's included:

"If a character spends two or more Vitality points, then she may use this Horror to physically wound one or more people directly in front of her, and within ten yards of her. If attacking a group of people, she may not distinguish between them; everyone in the group risks taking damage since they are all within range of her scream of fury. Victims may roll Stamina to soak damage, with an appropriate soak roll being (difficulty number of Vitality expended + 3). Failing this, the targets suffer lethal damage equal to the number of successes scored by the character."

Q. Why did you go with single tract notation as opposed to dots and boxes for Vitality? It seems to me that you do essentially have temporary and permanent (starting) Vitality.
A. Unfortunately, this again a fault on my end. Partially, it's because your starting Vitality never changes, so it's essentially dead space on the character sheet that was better served making space for other things like the Default Abilities. Unfortunately, I should have included a space for registering Starting Vitality. It's one of the curses of Development. Your nose is often so deep in the project that you miss the tiny details or overlook things in the rush. Sorry about that.

Q. It's stated several times that a skimmer's body could be taken over by a Spectre while he's 'out', but if that happens then what happens to the Skimmer's spirit? Does it immediately become a ghost, or just trapped outside its body until either the body is killed or the Spectre is somehow forced out? Can the Skimmer try and take his body back in some way?
A. Well, we kind of left that open for interpretation and future developments, but frankly, I dislike including material that "automatically" changes the state of your character without his involvement. Good horror shouldn't be capricious.
If a Spectre takes over your body, your status as Skimmer doesn't change. You just need to find a way of pulling the Spectre from your meat before he does lasting damage or does, in fact, get you killed.
That said, you could also say that a possessed body is lost to the Skimmer, thus changing him into a hue or spirit, because the true horror of Skimming is the danger inherent in leaving your body unprotected.

Q. So is it only skimmers that can be possessed or are sleepers at risk too?
A. Again, play as you will, but frankly, that's trickier. The body is "dead" until the cradle starts reversing the process for reanimation. Once the reanimation sequence begins, the Spectre likely has a short window of opportunity to jump in once the heart starts again. Usually, by that time, the sleeper's spirit is back and will likely fight the Spectre off. One on one, the character is likelier to win, unless facing a Reaper.

Q. How would someone get Spite points if they have zero? It seems that by default your character starts with a given Spite rating but no Spite points, and also if you hit ten you roll back to zero after upping your Rating.
A. As far as Spite is concerned, tapping Spite isn't the only way of raising it. If you pursue a malicious act or ignore someone in distress, the Storyteller has the option of hitting you with Spite points or even a rating.

Q. How do you get more Spite by tapping it?
A. Every time you tap Spite, you have to roll as many dice as points tapped. (Or one die in the case of tapping rating.) The difficulty is 7, and for each success, you manage to avoid gaining a new Spite point/rating.
The example shows Ben, my poltergeist signature character, tapping three Spite points. After rolling a 2, 5 and 8 - only one success - he'd gain two temporary Spite points.

Q. What are Stains, and how do they work?
A. Stains are negative qualifiers: things you hate or dislike about yourself, but taken to the extreme. You choose three at character creation, and can choose an additional two for freebies if the Storyteller allows.
Stains don't manifest on you until you will them to appear - embracing a negative aspect of yourself to gain an advantage ("Okay, so I'm an angry guy... but I'm going to draw on that anger to beat the shit out you!")
Your three Stains automatically appear when your Spite exceeds your Vitality by +2. You also gain new Stains for the difference in Spite and Vitality, thus manifesting at least five different Stains. These stay until your Spite is lowered. By that point, you're damn near a Spectre anyway.
And, it also indicates why Spite is so dangerous. You often don't know how close someone is to the edge until it's almost too late (great for their characters hiding their condition or those supporting characters about to dive hard).
You can access your Stains, as mentioned previously, by tapping Spite, but that runs the risk of increasing your Spite points or Spite rating. We call it tap instead of spend, because we didn't want players thinking they could commit all the harm in the world and then drain their Spite by spending it on powers. The chief use of Stains isn't as a marker for high Spite, but as encouragement to pursue nastier paths.

Q. Juggernaut is unclear in its use when giving bonuses to Stamina. The success chart says that it adds to your armor rating. But the bullet-pointed description (p112) says that it "acts like one dot of armor, canceling one health level of damage against the character." So which is it?
A. It's supposed to be one die of damage soaked.

Q. What about Dead Eyes? Is that on all the time?
A. Dead Eyes is always active and does work when you're in flesh. You can see PLEs, Spectres and projected entities at all times, except when the aforementioned are inhabiting an object or skinriding someone else, or they're using a special Thorn like Chameleon (which pops up in a later book). Then, you can't see them.
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On pigment use:

Words from the Russian researcher Dr. Evgeny Krupitsky:

A dose of 50 mg (.7 mg/kg) induces a motion picture of colored images when eyes are closed. When eyes are open, ordinary reality remains but assumes an unusual air. Orientation is resolved. On 100-150 mg (1.4-2.1 mg/kg) ordinary reality disappears even when eyes opened. Perceptions of one's own body also disappear. The subject discovers himself as a point of consciousness which moves in very strange worlds yet the feeling of self remains. On doses higher than 150 mg (2.1 mg/kg) intramuscularly, the feeling of individual self dissolves. The process of losing one's individuality can be horrifying and felt as a real death. If the subject can relax and let go, this process may be ecstatic. After the loss of the feeling of one's individual self, the experience is indescribable. There exists only "That which is aware of Itself."

The changes in the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) after Pigment Psychedelic Therapy (PPT) session testified to positive personality changes. Changes in the Color Test of Attitudes after PPT testified to a positive transformation of the unconscious emotional attitudes of our alcoholic patients towards themselves and their significant others. Changes in our Spirituality Scale testified to a significant increase in the level of spiritual development after the pigment session. All these psychological changes favored sober life. As a rule, we also observed positive transformations in our patients' systems of life values, purpose and meaning, but these changes had not been previously measured quantitatively with psychological tests. Clinical impressions and indirect evidence from the Spirituality Scale suggested these changes, but not a rigorous scientific proof.

Words from other pigment experiencers:

These comments were taken out of context, but it gives you a sense of how similar the experiences can be. I complained to Dr. Karl Jansen (the only researcher I am aware of that is concerned specifically with pigment as it relates to NDEs) that the pigment experiences have similar qualities, but my overall impression is that they are not as profound and centered on love. He replied that the setting of the experience makes a lot of difference. Taking a recreational drug in your house is much different from being in a hospital or other sudden situation where you may be in pain or afraid that you are about to die. I agree with Dr. Jansen on this point.

Here are the excerpts:

Looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee, Reeeaaaalllliiiiittttyyyyyyyy, Hoooommmmmeeeee.

I was God, I saw light and warmth. This is Home. Sooo familiar, where we belong. Where we go. Everything is perfect, no words, just basic feeling. Love, Reality, Home. This was about the only words that I could bring back. Really no words there, but strong feelings. I Knew I was God and that I wasn't a little while before, but didn't have any idea what I was before. I was completely calm and comfortable, it was Home. Perfect. I wasn't alone either.

(buzzing occured) Most of the time I felt like a pure light that could flow like lava and make sweet guitar-distortion sounds, I was burning very bright. I could just "be" in this state, it felt beautiful. Other times I would have conscious thoughts, I would note that I felt godlike, I would love myself, it was great. When I'd think of my friends I'd feel very warm, but the couple times I tried explaining to them how I was feeling (I had to get up and piss quite a few times, was still dizzy), I felt the words totally inadequate, and I'd lose the feeling.

(Buzzing occured)Tunnel vision and a feeling of 'being deep inside your own body' occurs.

. . .reality as we normally experience it had crumbled into a different form. It was as though the world broke up, revealing another dimension. The subject was there, and not there at the same time - there was no apparent boundary between the subject and object - the world and I became one. . . . Although it was certainly an extreme experience, it was fundamentally unsatisfying. No real insight into the world, or even the experience were gained,

Bubbles, bouncing babies and bubbles, she kept saying.

I can't feel my body anymore except this overriding general fuzziness. The lines on the cieling become a tunnel and I am flying down it faster than sound approaching the speed of light.....

Oh no, the tunnel takes a big dive downwards! I am facing straight down this big tunnel and I am falling. . . .

Now there are rules. I can see them all. I am outside my room looking down at us and I know all the rules. There is so much going on outside of us. Other people, other rules, other things, that we are not allowed to see in the day to day. More knowledge. Who is next to me. What is next to me. I know it is something important. I say who is there.

One friend of mine who took it thought he had died, but he wasn't frightened or upset by this at all, which should give you some indication of just how weird things can get.

It sort of dissociates you from your live. I drifted trough worlds of other dimensions from inside the cosmos towards the outside of the circular thing which is called the universe.(Sounds strange, but that is what I felt) I also had the feeling that I have learned a lot of spiritual things. It is perhaps truth, there was not especially much fun. But I was satisfied and content as I would be after a long adventure holiday.

I realized then that I didn't travel between theses two worlds but only shifted my attention in a different direction. I always was and probably always will be in this world I found there, but living different lives I will enter different 'simulations'.

I floated back with a peaceful and content feeling. I felt that I had experienced something good, something special. I was slowly entering my body, like putting on a garment: legs first, then arms, chest, head. At the same time, my sight and hearing returned as I was shifting my attention to these senses. Everything felt a bit unreal at first, but this went away after a while.

This experience felt to me as real as anything I know from this world. Now, 3 Months later this hasn't changed. I consider this level possibly dangerous for unexperienced users, because of the strong impact it has on your life. In my case, experiencing reality as 'just a game' could have easily driven me into suicide, if I wasn't happy with this life.

They have been reported as spending a great deal of time analysing conversations that they have held with the various entities. These beings offer great insights into life, the universe and everything. In the words of one such traveller into the realm of the hyper-real, "It is no great accomplishment to hear a voice in the head. The accomplishment is to make sure that it is telling you the truth."

How Dangerous is pigment?

Although most of the comments on this page about pigment are positive, Pigment is not a safe drug. For example, you can pass out, vomit, and suffocate. Depending on your source, you may not know how large a dose your are taking. If I understand some of the user's comments correctly, it seems that Pigment may produce substantially negative and long-lasting psychological effects, bringing to mind fears of LSD trips that can ruin


"People who have taken the drug report a range of effects from the unpleasant, to the downright dangerous. Reports from America offer numerous examples of users who get trapped in repeated, compulsive administration of the drug giving rise to incidents usually associated with bad acid trips, with people believing that they can fly or attempting to get out of moving vehicles. Others have suffered paranoia or severe delusional states. In the last few months, it has been increasingly evident that such incidents are no longer limited to the USA. Having the pigment entities lie to us may be the least of our worries.

In fact, though I may be wrong on this, I would consider such an adventure to be a high risk one. Please be careful.

Not a bad idea to have a straight person around while you're doing it, especially if there are open flames nearby or anything like that. Like I said, you'll be very out of it.

After my experience with pigment, I was advised, and agreed, to take a semester off from school. I was warned that I might experience flashbacks. I did not.

I awoke to the the most petrifying, unpleasant experience of my life. I experienced hallucinations that were beyond description. I, also, experienced severe memory loss ... I was unable to recognize family and friends. I was, also, very anxious and restless. I said things that made no sense. According to the attending anaesthesiologist, I was "insane" for five days. The attending, later, went to NIH to brief the doctors, there, of my reaction.

My family and I were later told that my reaction was worse than the norm, but certainly not atypical. I have always been surprised that this drug is still available.

As a result of my experience, though, I would would certainly wonder why anyone would wish to experiment with Pigment. That is only one persons opinion, though.

I consider this level possibly dangerous for unexperienced users, because of the strong impact it has on your life. In my case, experiencing reality as 'just a game' could have easily driven me into suicide, if I wasn't happy with this life.

"It is significant that 30 percent of normal subjects given pigment insisted that they had not been dreaming or hallucinating, but that the events had really happened."
Ok, also es ist ja nicht so ganz einfach Spielmaterial ohne Erläuterungen zu verwenden, dass nur für den persönlichen Gebrauch erstellt wurde. Um euch also da etwas zu helfen ein paar Vorworte zu meinen Unterlagen:

Orpheus Spielercharaktere & Chronik

Das Setting war Boston, Massachusetts im Jahr 2003 intime (angefangen zu spielen haben wir in 2013 in Outtime). Neben den üblichen Orpheus Antagonisten (Bishop, T&S etc.), gab es bei mir noch die Boston Church of Christ (BCC) und die Alternate Energy Group, die ich aus Wraith Büchern übernommen habe. Wir haben eigentlich immer nur aus dem Grundregelwerk gespielt und obwohl die Ereignisse des Metaplots bereits angelegt und vorbereitet waren, sind wir nie wirklich dazu gekommen.

Folgende Charaktere gehörten zu meinen Spielgruppen (der Projektleiter war ein NSC).

Crucible Name: Ewiger Schlaf
Projektleiter: Claude Thompson
Aufgabe: im Aufbau
Mitglieder: Ben Stavior (Haunter, Skimmer), Boris Malewitch (Poltergeist, Sleeper), Mitsuko Yamaguchi (Haunter, Sleeper), Samantha Bell (Banshee, Skimmer)

Crucible Name: 180°
Projektleiter: Kathryn N. Phoenix
Aufgabe: Forschung, Test von Technik, Neue Geister Arten und Kräfte
Mitglieder: Sharon Gilmore (Wisp, Skimmer), Francis Miller (Poltergeist, Sleeper), Myra (Hue, Haunter), Thomas Lowenstein (Skimmer, Haunter)

Crucible Name: Persephones Shadow
Projektleiter: Erin Bolitho
Aufgabe: Religion, Pigment, Kriminalität, Neue Geister Arten und Kräfte
Mitglieder: Nathaniel Parker (Skinrider, Sleeper), Dawn McLovin (Banshee, Skimmer), Gregory Lowenstein (Skinrider, Sleeper)
Übersetzungen aus dem Englischen

Da alle Orpheus Spielbegriffe ja auch intime auftauchen und von Orpheus Personal verwendet werden, haben ich versucht, sie so gut wie möglich zu übersetzen:

Dead Eyes – Augen der Toten
Detect Nature Group – Das innere Wesens erkennen
Incorporeal & Invisible – Körperlos & Unsichtbar
Manifest - Manifestieren
Misery Loves Company – Elend liebt Gesellschaft
Sense Lifeline – Lebensfaden erkennen
Sever the Strand – Lebensfaden durchtrennen
Thievery – Lebensraub
Tapping Stains – Makel aktivieren

Horrors – Horrors/Schrecken
Congeal – Erstarren
Forebode – Böse Omen
Helter Skelter – Holterdiepolter
Inhabit – Besetzen
Juggernaut – Moloch
Puppetry – Puppenspiel
Storm-Wending – Sturmreiten
Unearthly Repose – Überirdische Ruhe
Wail – Schrei
Witch’s Nimbus – Hexennimbus

Laments - Projektion
Hue - Schatten
Skimmer - Gleiter
Sleeper - Schläfer
Spirit - Seele

Shade - Klage
Banshee - Todesfee
Haunter - Spuk
Poltergeist - Poltergeist
Skinrider - Puppenspieler
Wisp - Irrlicht

Gauze – Hülle, Gaze
Spite - Bosheit
Stains - Makel
Vitality – Vitalität

Spectre – Spektre
Das Kernstück meiner SL-Materialien ist die Orpheus-Datenbank. Hier habe ich unzählige Einträge erstellt, um sie als Handout meinen Spielern für jeden Auftrag mitzugeben.
Ein Abenteuer bestand normalerweise aus einem Auftrag und verschiedenen Anhängen die von Orpheus als Intel mitgeliefert werden. z.B. Personalakten oder Beschreibungen von Auftraggebern und Zielen, aber hauptsächlich Infos zu den verschiedenen Geister, ihren Kräften und was man bisher darüber zu wissen glaubt. Als Intime-Datenbank ist das alles natürlich rein auf einer Need-to-know Basis.

Aufbau der Datenbank

Zusätzlich zu den Sicherheits-Labels aus dem Orpheus Buch (Foe Red etc.), habe ich die intime Datenbank in folgende Kapitel angeordnet. Hierbei handelt es sich um Intime-Infos die entsprechend fehlerhaft oder unvollständig sein können, entweder aufgrund von Informationsmangel oder wegen Beschränkungen in der Sicherheitsfreigabe der Spieler.

1. Fallakten und Einsatzberichte​
2. Ausgewertete Berichte und Analysen​
3. Personalakten​
4. Gruppierungen​
5. Enigmas und PLEs​
6. Verwaltung und Finanzen​
7. Wissenschaft und Technik​
8. Top Secret (SL-Infos)​

Grundsätzlich gibt es zwei Aufteilungen: Aufträge (Kapitel 1) und Datenbankeinträge (alle anderen).

Aufträge können folgende Kategorien haben:
Aufklärung, Austreibung, Beschaffung, Black Ops, Erlösung, Schutz, Spionage, Vertreiben

Nach Abschluss eines Auftrags wird ein Bericht dazu erstellt.

Datenbankeinträge sind fortlaufend nummeriert.
Die erste Ziffer gibt die Kategorie (Typ) an (2-7).
Die zweite Ziffer spiegelt die Sicherheitsstufe wieder, die nötig ist, um den Eintrag abzurufen (0-5).
Spieler haben normalerweise die Sicherheitsstufe 0-2, was dem Hintergrund „Status“ entspricht. Entsprechend fallen fast alle Einträge der Datenbank in diese Kategorien. Projektleiter und Aufsichtsrat von Orpheus haben höhere Sicherheitsstufen. Das sind SL-Infos, von denen ich nur wenige formal aufgeschrieben habe.
Manchmal gibt es aber den gleichen Eintrag für verschiedene Sichherheitsstufen, wo die Informationen entsprechend aktualisiert sind. Diese Einträge unterscheiden sich dann nur in der zweiten Ziffer
Die restlichen Ziffern sind meistens ohne Bedeutung und zeigen nur chronologisch fortlaufende Einträge an. Ein älterer Eintrag hat also eine kleinere Nummer.

Kategorien der Orpheus Datenbank:

TYP: Memo2, Personalakte3, Gruppen4, Enigma5, technische Ausstattung7

SICHERHEITSSTUFE: 0 (öffentlich), 1 (unbedenklich), 2 (intern)
BEDROHUNGSGRAD: Agent/Berater, Enigma-class, Kunde, Nemesis, Rivale, Ziel, Alliierte, Kollaborateur (Blue, Gray, Green, Red)
STATUS: Aufklären; Auffinden; Beschaffen; Austreiben; Vermeiden
Ein Beispiel:

Auftrag #0633, Aufklärung bei Prudential Station

Anhang 1: Shadow-class (Spektren) --> Datenbank Eintrag 5201
Anhang 2: Jasons --> Datenbank Eintrag 5234
Anhang 3: Hyde (classified) --> Datenbank Eintrag 5328
Anhang 4: Boston Prudential --> Datenbank Eintrag 2078
BEDROHUNGS GRAD: Enigma-class Red

Intime lief das dann so, dass der Projektleiter (ich als SL) den Spieler die Aufträge gab und aus der Datenbank die nötige/relevante Intel raussuchte und in Form einer Akte den Spielern aushändigte.
Nach Abschluss des Auftrags hat normalerweise einer meiner Spieler einen Bericht dazu geschrieben (und sich dafür einen Extra-EP verdient). Die Berichte spiegeln also wieder, was die Spieler erlebt und rausgefunden haben.

Das Präludium lief folgendermaßen ab:
Die Charaktere sind durch Zeitungsartikel (01, 02) oder persönliches Interesse auf Orpheus aufmerksam geworden und haben sich anhand eines entsprechenden Bewerbungsbogens (03) beworben.
Die Spieler haben basierend auf ihrer Vorgeschichte menschliche Charaktere ohne Geisterkräfte erstellt (04).

Als "vielversprechende" Kandidaten wurden sie zusammen mit anderen NSCs zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch in das Bostoner Orpheus HQ eingeladen.
Dort haben erstmal die Besucherausweise und dann die die volle PR-Dröhnung bekommen, inkl. einem Seminar zur Vorstellung der Orpheus Group (05).

Das Seminar beinhaltet auch einen kleinen Frage-Antwort-Test. Basierend auf dem Test, hat Orpheus ihre Klage & Projektion ermittelt.

Nach einigen Ausbildungs- & Trainingsaufgaben haben die Projektleiter einen Evaluationsbogen für jeden Char ausgefüllt (06). Nach vollständiger Übernahme in die Orpheus Group haben die Spieler neue Ausweise und Status +1 bekommen.

Ich habe für meine Spieler eine Zusammenfassung aller Kräfte erstellt (07).


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1. Fallakten und Einsatzberichte
Ok, dass sind alle Handouts unserer Aufträge. Wie gesagt, die Berichte sind, was meine Spieler daraus gemacht haben. Viele Aufträge sind aus den Orpheus-Büchern übernommen. Die sollten die entsprechende Nummer tragen. Viele weitere habe ich aus dem Netz gesammelt und ins Deutsche übersetzt und eine ganze Menge habe ich auch selber geschrieben.
Viel Spaß damit. Hoffe es bietet gute Inspirationen.


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