16. August 2007
Hierbei spreche ich hier nicht von Onyx Path Publishing sondern von den By Night Studios - meinem persönlichen englischen Lieblingsverlag. #vlogtaculum

Um kurz den Unterschied zu erläutern,
Onyx Path Publishing hat die Tabletop Lizenz von CCP für die cWoD lizensiert. Sie haben die Vampire The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition mit dem Vorsatz geschrieben die Regeln nur sanft zu überarbeiten und den Metaplot ruhen zu lassen.
Dieser Vorsatz wurde ende letzten Jahres mit der Ankündigung von Becketts Diary gelockert und mit der Neugestaltung einiger Hintergründe in der Vampire Dark Age Edition wohl aufgegeben.
Bisher hat mir alles was ich seitens OPP zu den Themen Metaplot und Änderungen hörte nicht gefallen.

By Night Studios hat die LARP Lizenz von CCP für die cWoD lizensiert. Sie haben die Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition mit dem Vorsatz in Angriff genommen den Metaplot weiter zu führen sowie tiefgreifende Änderungen an den Regeln vorzunehmen.
Teil dieser Änderungen war unter anderem das die weltliche Krisen Einfluß auf die kainitische Gesellschaft hatten. Nach der Finanzkrise wurde Clan Giovanni die Aussenseiterrolle aufgrund des "Promise" zu eng. Das "Promise" hinderte den Gefallenhandel und die Einflußgewinnung. Dementsprechend sind sie ausgeschert, was wiederum einigen Tumult zur Folge hatte. Um diesen Tumult entgegen zu stehen haben sie Unterstützung bei den Setiten gefunden und mit diesen eine "Allianz der Unabhängigen" bzw. "Unabhängige Allianz" gebildet.

Soweit der Status Quo nachdem Buch.
Ich räume ein nicht vollkommen überzeugt gewesen zu sein, zumal die Giovanni als eher schwacherer, hilfsbedürftiger Partner in der Gemeinschaft gezeichnet werden, fand es jedoch durchaus verkraftbar.

Die Neuigkeit

Bei der Convention Las Vegas by Night wird es einen Anschluß an die LARP Veranstaltung "Blood and Betrayal" geben. Hier haben, und das finde ich für V:tM Verhältnisse gar revolutionär, die (anwesenden/spielenden) Spieler die Möglichkeit über den weiteren Werdegang der Allianz zu entscheiden.
Ob sie bestehen bleibt
Ob sie zerbricht
Ob sich vielleicht ein dritter im Bunde findet
Welche Statuten sie aufsetzen

Ich finde das sehr cool und erwähnenswert :D
Zumal Las Vegas als Setting dort passt wie die Faust auf's Auge :)

Schade das ich es dieses Jahr nicht nach Las Vegas schaffe. ^^;

We know a lot of you have been waiting for more info about our games at Las Vegas by Night. Here is your OOC info and your IC teaser for Blood & Betrayal 2: Dark Alliance Las Vegas. It is your chance to effect the canon for the Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade story line.

OOC Information
When: Friday Evening, September 25th, 2015
Where: Moon nightclub at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, NV
Tickets: MasqueradeByNight.com

“Night comes swiftly in the desert, my friend. Savor it with us!” – Sybil, High Priestess of Set

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, stronghold of the Independent Alliance, where the Giovanni and the Followers of Set hold sway over the neon-lit decadence of the Strip. It is a rich hunting ground, this glittering oasis amid the barren desert, and its vampire masters are only too happy to welcome visitors both living and undead to their nocturnal playground.

Two years have passed since the Pacifica Royale Conclave that addressed the grave threat of hunters, and in this time the Alliance has not been idle. Tonight, three bloodlines will petition to join the Alliance, but only one will be chosen, as Kindred from around the world gather to witness–and influence–the outcome. OOC Information

Please us for an evening of unparalleled vampiric decadence set in one of the most luxurious LARP venues ever, as By Night Studios presents an original one-night scenario for Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade.

This is the second in an ongoing series of story-linked event games. The outcome of the scenario is entirely in the hands of the characters to decide, and some elements of this game will become part of the MET: Vampire The Masquerade story canon.

Complete details, including the official setting style sheet, will be provided well in advance so that players may prepare their characters and costumes, but for those who want to get an early start:

Players may create their own characters with a 100 XP base (30XP base character creation + 70XP) Players may opt to purchase 100 bonus XP for $20. (Limit 1 purchase per player) Prepared characters and staff support are available for new and novice players. Players who participated in Blood & Betrayal 1 (Los Angels by Night) may recreate their player character roles, including Characters of Note, if they choose. Please contact info@bynightstudios.com with any questions about the game.

IC Information
Theme: Chaos
Mood: Covetous, Decadent, Festive
Setting: Independent Alliance ― Sacred Symposium


“An alliance with a powerful person is never safe.”― Phaedrus

Four years ago, in a penthouse nightclub at the Palms Hotel and Casino, two of the Great Clans formed a pact to take control of Las Vegas. Referred to initially as the Alexandrian Alliance, this compact between the Giovanni and the Followers of Set soon spread beyond Sin City to become something grand and dangerous, and potentially the first new vampire sect in half a century.

Tonight, to honor its heritage and the intent of its founders, the Independence Alliance has invited its representatives from every city to the Moon nightclub for a Sacred Symposium: a jovial celebration where wine and words on the important topics of the night are exchanged. There are important questions that must be answered this evening concerning the future of the emerging sect: three clans have formally petitioned to join the Alliance, but only one shall be admitted at this time. Further, if the Independent Alliance is to truly become a full sect, decisions must be made regarding how it shall govern itself going forward.

Three bloodlines have watched the alliance’s rise with great interest; each wishes to join:

  • Unexpectedly, the Lasombra antitribu were the first to petition for admittance, in numbers far beyond those known to have joined the Camarilla, leading to widespread speculation that there is a potential rift in the heart of the greater clan. Their petition has shaken Kindred and Cainites alike: neither the Camarilla nor the Sabbat are eager to see this petition succeed, and should it come to pass, both sects would surely consider the defection a grave insult.
  • Meanwhile, the mysterious Carpathians sweetened their petition by offering access to their enormous libraries of occult knowledge—and to a terrible secret that they insist could shake the world. The Ventrue seem unusually disturbed by this news, and have begun to align their resources accordingly; they hint that the Tzimisce bloodline has uncovered knowledge related to the Gangrel’s recent return to the Camarilla and its recent friendly relations with the Tremere.
  • Finally, a little-known bloodline of the Brujah―the oddly stoic Sages―have offered their considerable lore and unique powers to the Independent Alliance. This development has galvanized the Brujah, who vehemently protest against the Sages’ proposal, but the Independent Alliance is still considering the petition with considerable interest. Some whisper that the Ventrue are lending quiet support to the Sages’ petition, hoping to injure their long-time rivals among the mainstream Brujah.
Rumors bubble and hiss around every major Kindred gathering, and this one is no exception. For example…

Word has come that Ferox―the self-proclaimed Rock Lord himself―appeared atop the Setite Temple, where he left a parchment requesting that the Independent Alliance aid his clan in arranging for a second Promise—for Gargoyles only. As a number of this winged bloodline have begun appearing in the outskirts of the city in the nights leading to the symposium, many wonder just how far the scales of power may tip.

[REDACTED], the famous [REDACTED], has allegedly taken a personal interest in the Sacred Symposium, and his clan suggests that he has offered to mediate tense discussions of a secretive nature. Knowing that the [REDACTED] have raised concerns about the appearance of the [REDACTED] in recent nights, the [REDACTED] is prepared for war, should need arise to defend themselves. Others speculate that [REDACTED]’s recent time spent among the [REDACTED] has caused the [REDACTED] to discover knowledge that urgently needs attention.

More wild rumors will undoubtedly surface as the date of the Sacred Symposium draws closer.

Knowing that tensions are high, the Independent Alliance has made it clear that all attendees are under their protection for the duration of the celebration.

As always, the Giovanni and the Followers of Set intend to profit from a tense and uncertain situation. Queen Sybil and Don Michael Giovanni, the shared holders of the Janus Seats of Praxis over Las Vegas, have opened their city to any who would treat or trade with the Independent Alliance, including delegations from both the Camarilla and the Anarch Free States. The Sabbat have remained silent, but it is believed they will attempt some sort of interference to the Lasombra delegation―diplomatic or otherwise.

Sacred Symposium

“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”― Martin Luther King, Jr.

During the Sacred Symposium, representatives of the Independent Alliance have tasked themselves with determining the future of their nascent group by debating several questions, including:

Should the Independent Alliance declare itself a sect of vampires? If so, how should it govern itself? If not, should its members leave each city to their own preferences for handling internal conflict? What should happen if a member of the Independent Alliance betrays the Treaty? Who has the authority to sit in judgment in such a case, and what are fitting and appropriate punishments for those found guilty? Should the Independent Alliance admit one of the petitioning bloodlines to join as a third clan? If so, which one? Should the Independent Alliance admit individual members from clans that have not yet signed the Treaty of Alliance? If so, do they hold the same rights as the members of the founding clans?

The answers may change the Alliance forever.

Storyteller Notes

  • Blood & Betrayal 2 will happen in the Moon nightclub at the Palms Tower and Casino, 8 p.m. -midnight on Friday, September 25.
  • The characters who are present at Blood & Betrayal 2 will have an opportunity to affect the outcome of the Independent Alliance petitions, and all other in-game events, during the evening. These events will become part of the By Night Studios ongoing story canon for MET: VTM.
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