Infernal/Primordial Hero Martial Arts Variante

Lyrkon Alàeren

Power Cosmic
14. März 2008

Da ich mit dem Infernal Monster Style sehr unzufrieden bin (nicht powertechnisch, stilistisch! "Uargh bin ich böse" nervt....^^) und schon länger mal etwas ... fundamentaler an die Sache rangehen wollte habe ich einen eigenen "Primordial Hero Style" entwickelt.
Achtung, dies ist eine Alphaversion, es können durchaus noch Fehler enthalten sein!

Der Stil sollte zugleich brauchbare aber nicht "zu gute§ Martial Arts mit ordentlichen Shaping Effects kombinieren und dem "Wir sind die rechtmäigen herrscher/Erschaffer" Thema angemessen sein.

Ich freue mich auf Feedback (mehr Fluff kommt noch, bis dahin müssen die Andeutungen reichen^^), aber bitte nichts alà "Custom Charms, nein danke/Immer OP" oder "braucht keiner". Detailliertes, gut begründetes Feedback, ob positiv oder negativ, ist hingegen sehr willkommen. :)

Here we go: (auf englisch da ich die englischen Regelwerke nutze und Denglisch mich nervt)

Primordial Chosen Style / Primordial Hero Style

Celestial (actually Primordial, but mechanically the same) Martial Arts Style

Was (re?)developed by the first Green Sun Prince Martial Artist to reach Essence 5, hence is not available (or in existence unless one counts vague mentioning in the „Broken Winged Crane“) until that happened+1 Year and 1 Day (the time it took him to do so).
This means roughly 3 Quarters of a year after the regular Start of the timeline at the very least!

It is meant to idolize the Primordials, not the Yozi, so while it does carry some influence of the primordials „Newer“ Forms, its Ideals and images try to evoke the utter grandeur and absolutism of their original Forms. It is basically dedicated to the 4 most physically formidable Primordials (not necessarily the most physically formidable Yozis today) and the Dragons Shadow (why you ask? Because he WANTED it for some unclear reason of course^^), their Ideals and strengths. However one of them is, why nobody knows, not remembered by anybody alive today. Including the Yozi themselves. Judging by the Styles ...well style it seems the 4th was a rather “absolute” but not necessarily very active, Primordial, but for now that remains pure speculation.

Its Form involves stances of utter arrogance and „Nothing can harm me“ expressions, extremely precise and strong punches and kicks, disdain for masses of weaker enemies and obvious altering of the way reality works (in limited areas).

As any Celestial Martial Arts, one needs a teacher to learn this style (and of course be enlightened enough in Case of a Terrestial Exalted), UNLESS one is an Green Sun Prince with a Martial Arts, Occult and Integrity Value of 3+, in which Case all Charms in this section may be learned as „naturally“ as the Infernal Monster Style.

This Style allows Armor of any of the magic Materials or Vitriol-baptized Armor of any Kind
Form Weapons: Spears, Gauntlets of any type, Dragon Claws and of course all their artefact counterparts.


May not be learned by ANY Sidereal or God due ANY means.
If a Green Sun prince or Akuma learns this Style, he/she cannot learn Infernal Monster Style until they have mastered this Styles „Core Circle“ and achieved Essence 6. Until that its Essence- and mind-altering effects make the Exalt incompatible with the “newer” Yozi Ideals.

If any Celestial Exalt learns this Style as his first Celestial Style, all Charms only cost 5 (7respectively) XP to learn instead of 8/10.
However any OTHER Celestial Style learned afterwards (permanently!) has its Charmcost raised by 2 xp/Charm, as the Mind is influenced by the primordial Concepts in it which are at odds with “Modern” laws and rules in creation.
If it is learned as second+ Style, no cost changes of any kind occur.

Unless otherwise mentioned ALL Charms carry the “obvious” Keyword as its the sole theme of the style to be noticed.


Crushing Blow of Harnath: 3 Motes, Strength 3, Essence 2, Martial Arts 2. Combo-OK, Simple.
The Exalt balls his Fist/raises his Spear, looks his target in the eyes, utters no sound and strikes with all his might. This Attack can only be directed at a single enemy that the Exalted is engaging alone.
Effects: The Attack automatically causes Knockback (if possible) and ignores all Armor offering an applicable Soak of 6 or less completely (natural, normal or Magic Material).
It is speculated that the Yozi Form of Harnath is Isidor.

Primordial Greatness Acknowledgement: 3 motes, Essence 2, martial Arts 3, Stamina 2, Crushing Blow of Harnath
Simple, Combo-OK.
Duration: 1 full turn of the Battle Wheel/2 Actions, whichever takes longer
Effects: The Exalt takes a stance of absolute certainty in greatness (of himself, ,the primordials, etc) and becomes utterly undistracted by lesser beings actions..
This has the following Effects: Any Coordinated Attack Penalties inflicted on him are halved (rounded down), while Onslaught Penalties are reduced by 1, and each action the exalted takes against members of groups attacking him gains a Bonus Die.
It might be reflexively reactivated for 2 motes as long as the Exalt has enough Essence/he is fighting the same Group of enemies.
This only works while he is fighting alone!

Primordial Greatness Internalized: 5/ Essence 3, Martial Arts 3, Stamina 3, Primordial Greatness Acknowledgement.
Duration: one Season
This makes the Exalt ALWAYS assume the aforementioned stance (hence it is an improvement of the abovementioned Charm). He commits the motes mentioned and for one season (in the realm where he is at time of commitment) he benefits from the abovementioned advantages.
It still only “works” while he is alone, but he has no longer any need to activate it once the circumstances allow it.

Punishment without Touch: 4 Motes, Essence 2, martial Arts 3, Strength 3, Crushing Blow of Harnath. Simple, Combo-OK.
One Action
The Infernal punches the air towards an Enemy, and a greenish light strikes from his fist towards them.
Effects: a Martial Arts Attack using one of the Form Weapons is now a Ranged Attack with a Range of (Essence+Willpower) Yards. Parrying this attack is only possible with Stunts or Charms that specifically allow to block the unblockable. Otherwise treat it as regular Martial Arts Attack.
While Primordial Perfection Form is Active, the Cost of this Charm is reduced by 2.

Striking the rabble Down: 10 Motes, Strength 4, Essence 3, Martial Arts 3, Crushing Blow of Harnath, Primordial Greatness Acknowledged, Punishment without Touch. Simple, Combo OK, Desecration.
The Fury and Strength of the Primordials causes lesser Creatures to obey...or be destroyed.
Building on a combination of its Prerequisites this Attack targets a Group of People (if used against a Unit its Magnitude cannot exceed the lower of the Infernals Martial Arts or Essence).
Effects: The Infernal concentrates for 3 Ticks.
Roll a Martial Arts Attack with Strength against a Group of Enemies no more than Essence*2 Yards away. ALL members of this Group suffer the Effects of an attack strengthened by Crushing Blow of Harnath normally (damage, Knockback, etc etc). If the Group is comprised of Exalted, Gods etc (note: meaning at the very least half of it belongs to one or more of the mentioned types) the past Soak damage of the attack is halved, round up. The other Effects still apply fully).
The Area where the Rabble fell is desecrated (see MoEP: Infernals).

Primordial Perfection Form: 5 Motes, 1 WP. All physical Attributes, Essence and MA 3, striking the Rabble Down.
Duration: 1 Scene
The Exalt assumes a stance of utter supremacy, and demands the world acknowledge it.
While in this stance he gains the following benefits: +Essence Score to: Soak, Parry DV, mental parry DV and Damage Dice with Form Weapons. Also all beings whose Essence is 1 or more lower than his halve their attack pools against him (round up) unless they spend a Willpower Point for each attack.
Beings without an essence Score as well as 1st Circle Demons are unable to attack him at all.

He can however not fathom that he could be defeated in any way, and so while this form is active he cannot flee, evade battle, hide, surrender or otherwise do anything that could cause doubts about his perfection.
Ending this form willingly requires either a failed Valor Roll or the Expenditure of one Willpoer.

Primordial Perfection Potential Internalized: -/ Essence 4, martial Arts 4, All physical Attributes 4, Primordial Perfection Form. May be bought a second time at Essence 5 and martial Arts 5.
Duration: permanent.
Effects: When this Charm is bought the Exalt gains 2 of the following Benefits:
Raise (all) his physical Attribute Maxima by 1.
Raise (all) his mental Attribute Maxima by 1.
All Martial Arts Attack Rolls gain one automatic Success (does not count as Charm Use)
Parry DV +2.
Mental parry DV +2.

The Version at Essence/MA 5 grants another 2 choices (“doubling up” IS possible) and also increases the Infernals peripheral Essence Pool by 5.

Each Choice subtly alters the Infernals looks (and mind). Storytellers and Players should clarify how exactly.

World-Creating-Presence: 10 Motes, 1 WP. Essence 4, Martial Arts 4, Primordial Perfection Form. Blasphemy, Shaping Effect.
Duration: special
The Infernal goes through some Kata that display his supreme Rulership, and the World obeys.
Effects: The Exalt may reshape an area of the Wyld measuring up to (100*Essence Score+40*Willpower) Square yards any way he wishes (he may also do so within creation, but only at the risk of alarming a multitude of Gods/Sidereals to his presence and actions, and only at 1/4th the size).
This may include: Landscape, Fortifications, weapons, and almost anything else EXCEPT Life the Exalt can think of. He may alter the area from anything to anything (change Bordermarches into ultimate Chaos or vice versa, make Creation the Deep Wyld, you name it).
The Duration depends on where it is shaped and if the Exalted remains within the boundaries after he is finished. Regular/(Exalted leaves it to itself). As long as the Exalted remains in the Area/continues to expand it/etc he may reflexively spend 5 motes at the end of the Duration to make it stable for another full duration.

Pure Chaos: 1 Day (1 Hour)
Deep Wyld: 5 Days (1 Day)
Middlemarches: 1 Month (1 Week)
Bordermarches: 1 Year (3 Months)
Creation: permanent (or until someone comes along and destroys it ...)

During the Duration the Area counts as under the laws of creation (though subtly different than usual), but unless it is created WITHIN creations boundaries it is still considered outside Fate.

Life Commanding presence: 5 Motes, 1 WP, Essence 4, Martial Arts 4, World-Creating-Presence.
Shaping Effect.
This enhancement allows the Infernal to ALSO directly change any lifeforms within the aforementioned area. He may turn an amount of Humans into Demons, Wyld Mutants into Trees, you name it. Whenever targeting a being with an Essence Score roll the Infernals (Essence+Willpower+Martial Arts) against the targets Mental DV of choice. For each succes scored the Ifnernal may change the Being by one degree (example: one success: from Human to Mutant, 2 Successes from Human to animal, 3 Successes from Human to Demon, 4 Successes from Spirit to Fae, 5 Successes from Exalted Being to Demon). Exalted with an Essence Score not more than 1 point below that of the Infernal may spend one point of Willpower and completely ignore the effect and any other attacks of this kind for 1 scene. Exalted and other beings with an Essence Score higher than the Infernal are immune.
All Tattooed Lunar Exalted are completely immune to this Charm!
All Beings changed this way immediately develop a strong intimacy to the Infernal. If it is positive or negative depends on the Circumstances. But it always contains at the very least awe.

Wyld Destroying Gaze: 5 Motes, 1 WP, Esence 4, martial Arts 5, Charisma 4. Shaping Effect.
Duration: 1 Action
The Gaze of the Infernal standing in a pose of absolute Command removes Chaos and creates Order.
Range: Essence*3+Willpower Yards. This Charm can only be used ONCE vs. any given Target!
This Charm may be used in 1 of 2 Ways:
1.: vs. Fae Folk of any kind: It is an undodgeable Attack that ignores Armor created from Glamour and causes Essence+Martial Arts Levels of Aggravated Damage.
Any Fae “Killed” by this attack immediately Calcifies. Any Fay surviving this attack becomes a “Slave” of the Infernal for a Year and a Day and for that time is considered “able to exist within creation” and cannot alter his form.
2.: Vs. Mutants or other beings corrupted/changed by the Wyld (includes Lunar Chimarae).
In this Case Essence+Willpower points of Mutations are removed and (if the removed Mutations-the targets Essence are below its Health level total) the “normal Human/whatecer” lives on.

Proimordial Essence: -/ Essence 5, Martial Arts5. May be bought a second time at Essence and MA 7.
Duration: permanent
Effect: By truly understanding what it means to be touched by a primordial (or in Case of the Essence 7 Variant almost understanding what it means to BE one) the Infernal experiences Apotheosis.
He gains additional 10 Motes to his peripheral Essence Pool and all Infernal Charms of his Patron, as well as this MA Style, cost 2 motes less to activate (down to 1 mote).

When bought a second time the Exalted transcends the boundaries of mortality. He now is considered an Exalted “Primordial” (or primordial Exalt?), meaning he developes an internal “second Soul” which grants him a “3rd” Essence Pool (containing 3*Essence+3 times the 2 highest Virtues motes) as well as 2 new Intimacies reflecting his “SubSouls” own “Agenda and feelings”.
He is also effectively immortal and may develop to a full Primordial in the (far?) future. If he is not slain of course.

This concludes the “Basic Tree” of the Style.
However each of the 5 Primordials venerated in it has a “Honor Charm” of Sorts.
These can only be learned with explicit “yes” by the primordial (or better Yozi) himself!
Also they all require Mastery in the Style before being learned.

Being the Boar: 10 motes, 1 WP. Strength 5, Martial Arts 4, Essence 5. Simple.
Duration: 1 Scene
For the Rest of the Scene the Exalted gains +Essence to Strength, Stamina and lethal Soak and is utterly immune to Bashing Damage (no matter the source).
He also may at will instead of rolling dice transform half of his Dice (round down) into Successes without further Cost for all Rolls involving Strength in one way or the other.

Being the King: 10 Motes, Essence 5, Martial Arts 5, Intelligence 5. Simple.
Duration: 1 Scene/10 Motes.
The Infernal claims the Command due to someone emulating the Primordial Chaos. Any and All Demons with lower Essence than him MUST obey his every command unless Malfeas himself counters that command directly. Demons still cannot be commanded to attack the Yozi, everything else is fair Game.
Demons with an Essence equal to the Infernals may resist by spending one Point of Willpower. If they do so however, they receive an Intimacy of Fear regarding the Infernal and HAVE to leave his presence immediately. Demons with a higher Essence, as well as all Fetich Souls, are immune to this Charm.

Being the Shadow: 7 Motes, Essence 5, martial Arts 5, Manipulation 4. Simple. Not obvious.
Duration: until ended, or Sunrise.
The Infernal dons a normal looking dark Cloak of living Shadow and for the Duration becomes totally immaterial and visible/invisible by choice. While visible he is an indistinct shadow (granting him +4 Dodge DV). He gains all the benefits and drawbacks of being immaterial,except that he can still freely attack corporeal beings.
While he is invisible he can only be found by Creatures with Essence higher than himself, and even then only if they succeed at a contested Roll of Essence+perception+WPvs. His Essence+Manipulation+Willpower.
Essence Sight of any kind does NOT help in finding him.
Any Attacks made in this state ignore any Armor/protection except such that works against incorporeal beings.
While in this state, no bounds but those of any Holy Effects can stop the Character.
He cannot use any Charms but those of the Ebon Dragon while in this form.
This Charm can only be used at Night, and can only be activated in utter darkness.

Being the Wind: 1 Mote/Action, MA and Essence 5, Reflexive, Combo-OK.
Duration: 1 Action/Mote
Adorjans Hatred allows the Exalted to transcend regular Limitations on movement speed.
He may freely combo any Charms of this Style and of Adorjan while this Charm is active, also his Dashing (and if applicable Flying) Speed are tripled and the speed of all his actions is reduced by 1 (down to 2). This Charm ends once he speaks a single word or stand still.

????????: Unless some Infernal manages to find the 5th Primordial/Yozi this Charm cannot be learned. IF one should find him however, he would have achieved something the Yozi themselves could not, and by that made himself a Legend among the Infernals.
Oben Unten