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Infernal Teddy

mag Caninchen
2. August 2006
Ich habe heute Morgen meine HârnWorld mal wieder aus dem Regal gezogen, und bei der Lektüre der Weltbeschreibung ging mir mal wieder eine Frage durch den Kopf, die ich jetzt mal weitergebe:

Wie viel der Welt ist eigentlich außerhalb Hârns beschrieben worden? Also von offizieller Seite aus?
Shorkyne - Regional Expansion Module

A large feudal kingdom in the south of the region. Shorkyne has been a powerful lure to great empires, but has maintained her independance by military excellence. The kingdom always seems to be on the verge of falling apart, for it's a land where scheming, regional lords (several dukes of Shorkyne are far more powerful than Hârnic kings) hold sway over a weak throne. But somehow, when the need arises, they have united to defeat invaders.

A small island kingdom at the gateway of the Gulf of Shorkyne. Founded by Ivinian warlors, Chelemby is now a powerful trading city-state.

An unruly confederation of twelve petty kingdoms paying tribute to Pendragon Tralis Elendy. Harbaal is the most powerful of all Ivinian kingdoms. Many believe her destiny is to rule the entire region.

A region of petty fiefdoms, held by independent, ruthless barons. Sitting astride the mighty Tirga rive, Hurisea has always been a lure for powerful men. Hurisea has been described as islands of chaos amid a sea of anarchy.

HarnWorld - A Real Fantasy World

Die Welt von Harn... vermutlich die realistischste und glaubwürdigste Fantasy-Welt, die jemals erdacht wurde. In dieser wunderschönen riesigen Box findet sich die vollständigste Beschreibung von HarnWorld, die es jemals gab... inklusive einer Beschreibung der Insel Harn mit der legendären Farbkarte, des Kontinents Lythia mit riesiger Karte, ausführlichem Index und detaillierten Beschreibungen sowie einer Karte der Welt Kethira - des Planetens, auf dem Harn zu finden ist - mit einer vollfarbigen Karte und weiteren Karte für Meeresströmungen, Winde und tektonische Plattenbewegungen. Dazu Beschreibungen der Kulturen, Rassen und mehr! Und auch noch kompatibel mit allen Regelsystemen unter der Sonne!

HârnWorld is a realistic medieval environment for fantasy gaming. Using any rule system, you can now create and plan your own quests and adventures within a complex and detailed fantasy background. HârnWorld is supported by an outstanding series of expansion modules. Quality, detail, and consistency are evident on every page. Welcome to Hârn...where the fantasy is real!

A rugged, forested, hazy island off the northwest coast of Lythia. Tales of wild men, dwarves, elves, and fearsome beasts have been carried to the continent and these discourage all but the most adventurous of travellers. Included is a beautiful full-color map of the island, an overview, and a detailed index of the cultures, economics, geography, history, politics, and religions of Hârn.

Lythia is Kethira's largest continent, an immense land of diverse cultures and peoples. Included is a full color map of the continent showing the major rivers, mountain ranges, regions, kingdoms, cities, and trade routes, etc. Also included is an annotated index describing all of the above, supported by several political, economic, and language maps.

The name for Hârn's water planet which has three continents and two large polar ice caps. A full color map of the planet, plus maps of ocean currents, prevailing winds, and tectonic plates are included.
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