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10. September 2003
Die Infos hier stammen größtenteils von Dumpshock, vereinzelt auch aus dem FP-Board, und können als absolut gesichert gelten da die Infos von Freelancern und Playtestern kommen. Vielen Dank an Apple im FP-Forum der sich die Mühe gemacht hat die Informationen zusammenzutragen und zu kompilieren.
Da der alte SR4-Thread schon ziemlich lang ist und mehr aus Mutmaßungen als aus Fakten besteht eröffne ich zu diesem Thema einen neuen.


Does the adept still buy powers with his magic rating? How are the power costs compared to third edition?
Yes. Some powers have been adjusted. Astral Perception costs only 1 point. Killing Hands costs 0.5 points, but only converts your damage from Stun to Physical and your hands count as magical weapons for the purpose of kicking butt (bypassing Immunity to Normal Weapons and Regeneration). For higher damage, you want Critical Strike (0.25 points per level), which adds +1 DV per level. Improved Ability works pretty much the same... +1 die for 0.5 for Combat skills, and +1 die for 0.25 for everything else. Missile Parry is 0.25 per level, and is now a Reaction + Missile Parry test, requiring more hits than the attacker to successfully parry.

It appears that summoning a spirit (Spontaneous summoning, like the old nature spirits) uses a Complex Action, while binding a spirit (binding an elemental) costs 500 nuyen per force point. You have to summon a spirit first before you bind it. The gear section, however, says that conjuring materials for binding a spirit costs 1,500 nuyen per force point. There are two mentions of the 500 nuyen per Force Point in the actual description of binding, so I'm not sure which is the typo, but I'm leaning toward the listing in the gear section to be wrong.

Do spirits get irate when bound? Familars created in the same way?
They can get irate, especially if you roll a glitch. I'd imagine that there would be a lot of roleplaying opportunities for this type of relationship.

No rules for Ally Spirits at all in this book.

The roll for Summoning is an opposed test of Magic + Summoning vs. the Spirit's Force. Drain is equal to twice the Spirit's hits.
The roll for Binding is an opposed test of Magic + Binding vs. the Spirit's Force x 2 (binding is harder). Drain is equal to twice the Spirit's hits.
Neither are linked to Logic or Charisma, although your GM may apply modifiers based on roleplaying and situation (perhaps give you extra dice based on a Charisma test, with extra dice equal to the number of hits, or if you take a long time with lots of burning incense and a boring ritual, give you extra dice based on a Logic test), but that would be your GM's call.

the SR4 corebook, spirits are pretty generalized. THere are 6 types of spirits: Fire, Earth, Air< Water, Man, and Beasts. Each Tradition can summon 5 of the 6 (Shamans can't summon Fire, Hermetics can't summon Beasts). These seem to really represent spirit categories that individual spirits fall under now... So a hearth Spirit, City Spirit, and the like all fall under Spirits of Man, and now all have the same stats. Likewise an Air Elemental, Wind Spirit, and a Sky Spirit are all the same.

A conjurer does get to select the optional powers each spirit has during the summoning, from a list of optional powers for each spirit type. So one "Air type" spirit might have the Fear critter power while another one might not be able to fear at all, but instead can use Psychokinesis.

'm curious how drain now works, also about foci. What are the bonding and nuyen costs? Are there still sustaining foci? How do they work? I think I saw that power foci are now quite cheap, like 25k per point. What are the benefits?

Power foci add their force to all tests in which magic attribute is included. No help counterspelling.

Drain value is F/2, round down, =/- modifiers, minimum of 1.

Roll Willpower + Charisma for shamans or willpower + Logic for mages. Each hit reduces Drain Value by 1, wound modifiers and sustained spells do not effect drain test.

Foci are inexpensive, but max at chargen for any is 3 and 2 for weapon or power foci. Sustaining, binding and weapon foci are 10K*F, Spellcasting and Summoning foci are 15K*F, Counterspelling and banishing are 5K*F, and Power foci are 25K*F. They are still expensive to bond. Sustaining 2*F, weapon (3+reach)*F, power 8*F. BP can be used at chargen like karma to bind foci.

Max no. of foci bonded equal to Magic attribute, only one focus may add to any single dice pool. No mention of addiction.

Out of curiousity, what paranimals are included? And can you give an example of their stats?
Barghest, devil rat, ghoul, hell hound, merrow, naga, sasquatch, thunderbird, vampire, wendigo, spirit of: air, beasts, earth, fire, man, water, watchers, eastern and western dragons, feathered serpents, leviathons and great dragon mods. Funny how they did not scale back dragons as far as I can tell.

Hell hound: B4 A4 R5 S4 C3 I4 L2 W3 EDG3 ESS6 M3 INIT9 IP3
Movement 15/50, bite DV 4P, AP 0

Womit würfelt eigentlich der Magier? Magie + spellcasting/conjuring? Oder Willpower? Charisma?

Die "Erfolgsprobe" mit Magie + Skill, den Entzugswiderstand mit Willpower + zweites Attribut (Charisma bei Schamanen, Logic bei Hermetikern).

1) All spellcasters suffer the -2 penalty per active bound spirit.
2) Hermetics can take Mentor Spirits now. there's definately some roleplay aspects that come into play based on how exactly you view the tradtions, but I can easily see a Hermetic that follows or heeds the words of a mentor spirit that represents an embodiment of an ideal, rather than a notaure totem. Things like the convertyed passions concepts that showed up a while back in one of the Tir books, of The Dark King or Seductress.
3) Mentor Spirits do not necessarily represnt the exact same thing as the Totems did. They can be the big astral spooky that a totem was, or they can just represent a powerful spirit that the character has contacted (or that contacted the character) and has bartered teaching and aiding the character in exchange for service, worship, or whatever.

It does water down mages a little bit, but this also allows for easier additions to the tradition creation rules later on and keeps it a little more flexible.

You still get effectively an attribute increase plus the metamagic?
No, you get to add grade to magic attribute, not that plus +1 to magic attribute.

can one play a magical adept directly out of the BBB?
Yes, they have a list of powers, including some from SotA64.

Nothing about reduction in cost with groups?
Nada, it does mention what used to be ordeals as standard fare for intiating - as in no discount for ordeal.

Initiation costs 10 + (grade*3) karma.

what does initiation give you?
Increased Magic (add grade to Attribute), metaplanar access one metamagic.

The Mentor Spirit costs 5 BP. Totems appear to be called Mentor spirits now. Like Bear, Dog, Mountain, etc..

It costs more to play them with a totem. A mage can do almost exactly the same thing, fire spirits look a bit more useful than beast spirits. The variety and numerical difference of spirits is gone. Have not looked to see about the shamanic mask, if it only applies if the shaman has a totem.

Magic in general got screwed compared to any other skill type set. They combined other peoples needed skills while making the magicians need more skills to do the same. Making magicians a bigger karma sink.

All full magicians can conjure earth, air, water, and spirits of man. That's 4. Hermetic can conjure fire spirits while shamen can conjure spirits of beasts.

Magician (15 BPs) gives you Magic 1. Raising it to 5 takes another 40 points. Ten spells are an additional 30. That's 85 points for what looks to be a good magician at game start.


Just for reference, Karma Costs to improve "things":
New Active Skill (Rating 1) - 4 Karma
New Active Skill Group (Rating 1) - 10 Karma
New Knowledge/Language Skill (Rating 1) - 2 Karma
New Specialization (tack on a +2 for the Specialization, only ONE specialization is allowed for any skill, and new specializations "overwrite" the old ones, but only at GM's discretion) - 2 Karma
(Special Note: Raising a Skill above 6 costs double the usual amount of Karma, and can only be done if you have Aptitude in that skill)
Improving an Active Skill by 1 - (New Rating) x 2 Karma
Improving an Active Skill Group by 1 - (New Rating) x 5 Karma
Improving an Attribute by 1 - (New Rating) x 3 Karma
Improving a Knowledge/Language skill by 1 - (New Rating) Karma
New Positive Quality (the old "Edge") - BP Cost x 2 Karma
Removing a Negative Quality ("Flaws") - BP Bonus x 2 Karma
New Spell - 5 Karma
New Complex Form (Rating 1) - 2 Karma
Improving a Complex Form by 1 - (New Rating)

You can spend up to 50% of your starting build points on your Physical and Mental attributes. Your first point is free (along with any racial mods... for example, Dwarves start with a Willpower of 2 to represent their +1 Willpower mod), and each point above the starting value costs 10 BP each, EXCEPT for the last Maximum attribute point (which costs 25 BP). Purchasing Edge and Magic/Resonance does NOT count for the 50% limit (and several of the archetypes in the book reflect this). Yes, Magic Rating is bought just like any other attribute (which is one reason why being a Mage is so cheap), and so is Resonance (the linked attribute for Technomancer/Otaku powers).

Flux looks like it is now signal. Technomancer signal is Resonance/2 (round up).
Signal 0 - 3m
Signal 1 - 40m
Signal 2 - 100m
Signal 3 - 400m
Signal 4 - 1km
Signal 9 - 400km

Active Skills: 4 points per skill, 10 points for a skill group, 2 points for a specialization.

Do technomancers need an electronic device of some sort to access the matrix, or do they just use their minds?
Technomancers can access and manipulate the Matrix through their own sheer force of will.
For a whole 5 BP and foregoing any type of magical ability.
Found the info on Technomancers, page 232. They need no cyber or electronics at all

Metatype abilities look unchanged (vision, etc.)
Human: +1Edge
Ork: +3B, +2S, -1C, _1L
Dwarf: +1B, -1R, +2S, +1W, -1Initiative
Elf: +1A, +2C
Troll: +4B, -1A, +4S, -2C, -1I, -1L, -1Initiative

Race BP cost: Human 0 (+1 edge), dwarf 25, ork 20, elf 30, troll 40.
Attributes: Physical, mental, Magic, Resonance - 10 per point except the max point which is 25 BP.
Knowledge skills: 1/2 active price.
Positive Qualities are 5-20 points. Negative are 5 - 30.
Resources are 5000 per BP max 50 BP, but looks like a lot of stuff is reduced in price.
Spells 3 BP per spell, 5 karma during play.
Contacts: 1 BP per rating point.
It costs 10 points per attribute point, with the first point free and the final 6th point costing 25.
Maximum points allocated to attributes is capped at 50% of total points.
Edge is bought like other attributes.

No jump at 6, but max at 6 without an exceptional quality, then 7. Start with only one skill6 with the rest 4 or lower, or two at 5 with the rest 4 or lower. No starting with a 5 and a 6. Maximum group rating at chargen is 4.

250,000 nuyen max


BTW... do skillwires provide real skills (dicepool skill+attribute), or justs dicepools of the rating?
Skillwires/softs are interesting. First of all, there is a hard cap on Active and Knowledge skillsofts, with 4 for Activesofts and 5 for Knowledge/Linguasofts. Second, you use the higher rating (either the user's skill or the skillsoft's rating). Finally, if you use the skillsoft's rating, you cannot augment it by using Edge (ouch). It follows the standard rules for skill tests (Skill + Attribute vs. threshold).

Muscle Augmentation, the one that was 0.4 and 20,000, is now 0.2 and 7000 with an availability of rating *5.

Can you explain the new rules for cyberarms a bit? (Essence costs/upgrades and so on/What are the attributes of Cyberarms [STR/AGI])
Essence still 1, but only 15K nuyen. Body (200/point), Str (250/point), Agility (250/point) ratings from 1-7, start at 3, need cybertorso to raise [Anmerkung: laut Nyx est, wenn man 7er Werte haben will]. Availability limits it to rating 4 at chargen.
Cybertorso is 1.5 ess and 25K.

What are the (average) essence costs of implanted CommLinks?

What cyber grades are listed, and do they operate the same way as they did in SR3?
Alpha, -20% ess., cost*2
Beta, -30% ess., cost*4
Delta, -50% ess., cost*10

Bioware and Cyberware both cost essence now, but the lesser of the two counts for half. So if you have 4 points of Bioware, and 2 points of Cyber, it costs you 5 essence total.

Commlinks: 9 different models that have different Response and Signal ratings and costs. Evidently, any electronic device can have IC. They all leave trails (Please note this info is from quickly skimming 3 different sections.)

Cybereyes can be purchased with variable capacities, 4-16, .2-.5 essence. Ears follow suit.

Yes, there are still datajacks, as well as much of the cyberware.

Bonelacing essence is .5, 1, 1.5 for original 3 types. Increases power still. Adds to B and armor like it did.

Availability ratings have changed and max at chargen is now 12. So cyberarm gyromounts are available at chargen. Cyber skulls are not.

Cyberlimbs now have Body rating too. Body, Strength and Agility come with rating 3, need torso too raise above 3. Do not see the old essence cost to increase them and the most expensive looks to be 250 nuyen per rating point. Probably limited by ECU (besides cap of 7).
[Was? Um einen Cyberarm mit Stärke 4 zu haben , brauche ich einen Cybertorso?]

Enhanced Articulation is .3 ess. and +1 die for any task with a linked physical attribute.

Bone Density acts like bone lacing, only less essence.

Mnemonic enhancer gives no karma reduction.

Pain Editor avail 18, no trauma damper listed.

Reflex recorders for skill groups. Athletics group has 4 skills, Biotech - 3, Close Combat - 3, Conjuring - 3, Cracking - 3, Electronics - 4, Firearms - 3, Influence - 4, Mechanic - 4, Outdoors - 3, Sorcery - 3, Stealth - 4, Tasking -3. If you raise a skill within a group seperately, you can no longer raise the group.

Can you give people stats for a standard piece cyberware? (say, the much beloved Wired Reflexes 2)

Wired 2, essence 3, capacity - n/a, availability 16R (not avialable under standard chargen rules of availability 12), 32,000 nuyen

Kampf & Waffen

Called Shots (for both Ranged and Melee attacks) do the following:
1) Bypass Armor - Variable dice pool penalty equal to the target's armor. If the target has 6 points of armor, then you get a -6 penalty to bypass it. It's all or nothing, but I'd probably house rule this somehow in my group (maybe allow a "half Armor bypass" called shot roll as well, to target a faceplate or codpiece or other less-armored area).
2) Target a vital area - -1 to -4 dice pool penalty. The number of dice you withhold becomes the the increase in DV of the attack. I don't see why anyone would NOT call a shot (except because of a lack of Free Action) using this option, since increasing the DV directly amounts to free automatic successes on the combat test. Then again, if you have a small dice pool to roll, then you would risk your opponent completely dodging your attack on the opponent's Reaction test.
3) Knock something out of a target's grasp - -4 dice pool penalty, and DV has to exceed the target's Strength.
4) Other effects (knock opponent over a ledge, shoot out a tire, temporarily blind opponent, etc.) - GM sets dice pool penalty for this one.

A couple example weapons and armor:

Combate Axe
Damage value: (Str/2+4)P
Armor Piercing: -1

Mono Whip
Damage value: 8P
AP: -4

Colt America l36 (Light Pistol)
DV: 4P
AP: --

Ruger Super Warhawk
DV: 6P
AP: -2

[Ares Pretator
DV: 5P
AP: -1]

Ingram Smartgun X
DV: 5P
AP: --

Ranger Arms SM-4
DV: 8P
AP: -3

Panther XXL Assault Cannon
DV: 10P
AP: -5

APDS Rounds: -5 AP
EX-Explosive Rounds: +2 DV, -2 AP
Gel Rounds: +2 DV(Stun), +2 AP

Lined Coat: 6/4
Armor Jacket: 8/6
Full Body Armour: 10/8

Hold out - 4P, -AP
Light - 4P, -AP
Heavy - 5P, -1AP
SMG - 5P, -AP
AR - 6P, -1AP
Sniper 7P 0r8P, -1AP (one available at chargen is 7P)
Katana STR/2+3 AP: -1
Survival Knife STR/2+1 AP: -1
Taser 6-8 stun AP: -half
Holdouts, Light Pistols, Machine Pistols 4 AP: 0
Heavy Pistols 5-6 AP: -1 bis -2
Submachine Guns 5 AP: 0
Assault Rifles 6 AP: -1
Sport Rifles 7-9 letzteres gilt allerdings für 'ne Elefanten-Büchse = AP: -1
Sniper Rifles 7-8 AP: -3
Shotguns 7 AP: 0 bis -1
Knife - (Str/2 + 1)P, -AP
Unarmed - (Str/2)S, -AP

How are shot rounds for shotguns treated?
They have 3 different spreads, narrow, medium, and wide. They can shoot only 1, 2, or 3 targets within a meter of each other respectively. Damage code gets modified for each, defense roll gets different modifier for each, harder to dodge wider spread

Declare attack, apply situational modifiers, make opposed test, Compare armor, damage resistance test, apply damage.

Ranged combat summary:
attacker rolls Agility + combat skill +/- modifiers
defender rolls reaction +/- modifiers
(defender using full defense rolls Reaction + Dodge +/- modifiers)
DV modifiers: net hits, ammunition, autofire
Armor used: ballistic or impact
Condition monitor used Physical or Stun----

Suppose an average Agility 3 and Pistols 3. Human, so above average Edge (4)

Smartlink (+2)
Specialization (+2)
Take Aim (+1)

That's 15 dice off the top of my head, plus Rule of Six. Make him a pro and it gets better. Add explosive or EX explosive ammo, of course.

How does armor work? Does it really just convert lethal damage into stun?

Armor value combines with Body to resist damage. If the modified power, DV, of an attack causing physical damage does not exceed the AP modified armor rating (sounds streamlined huh? HA ha ha) then the attack will cause stun instead. Armor rating is reduced by the attacks AP, armor penetration, value.

Weapon pictures! Ares Predator IV AP -1, Damage is 5P, avail 4R, cost 350.
Slivergun still exists.
Lined Coat is 6/4 Ballistic/Impact, avail 2, 700.

Can you give a few examples of what the new ranged combat modifiers look like? (like for cover, or dim light, and so on)

They look similar to current modifiers except they modify the dice pool not the TN, espec9ally the visibilty mods based on light, smoke.

Partial cover -2, good cover -4, blind fire -6, smartlink +2, normal vision in partial light is -2.

How does the new Dodge work?

How does initiative work now ?
Buy as skill. Linked to Reaction. Can use Full Dodge. Says Reaction + Dodge for ranged. Reaction + Dodge + Dodge for melee or Reaction + melee combat skill + Dodge in melee. Also a Full Parry, and a Gynastics Dodge.

Initiative Attribute is Reaction + Intuition. Make an initiative roll, edge may be used. (Does this mean all dice explode?) Add hits to Initiative Attribute, this is initiative score. Act high to low, ties go at same time. If imperitive to break ties compare edge, initiative, reaction attributes in that order.

Some Defense modifiers.
Defender unaware of attack, no defense possible
Defender wounded - wound mods
Defender defended against previous attack, -1 modifier cumulative for each additional defense roll
Defender prone, -2 pool mod limited to melee and ranged combat within 5m.
Defender running, +2 moDefender in melee combat, -3 pool modifier vs ranged attacks
Attacker firing burst or shotgun, -2mod vs wide bursts, -5 vs long wide bursts, -9 vs full auto wide bursts, -2 vs shotgun on medium spread, -4 against wide spread.

Das GRW an sich und die neue sechste Welt

Here are some examples from the book:
Halloweeners Street Gang (Professional Rating 1) - Body 3 Agility 3 Reaction 3 Strength 3 Charisma 2 Intuition 2 Logic 2 Willpower 2, Skills: Clubs 2, Etiquette (Street) 3, Pistols 1, Unarmed Combat 2, Cyber - Hand Razors

Sec Guard (Professional Rating 2) - Body 3 Agility 3 Reaction 4 Strength 3 Charisma 3 Intuition 3 Logic 2 Willpower 3, Skills: Dodge 2, Pistols 1, Shortarms 3 (?? This isn't an actual SR4 skill... I'm guessing it's "Automatics"), Unarmed Combat 2

Lone Star Cop (Professional Rating 3) - Body 3 Agility 4 Reaction 4 Strength 3 Charisma 3 Intuition 4 Logic 3 Willpower 3, Skills: Clubs 3, Law Enforcement 3, Perception 2, Pistols 3, Unarmed Combat 3

Triad Posse (Professional Rating 4) - Body 3 Agility 5 Reaction 4 Strength 3 Charisma 3 Intuition 4 Logic 3 Willpower 4, Skills: Blades 3, Dodge 3, Intimidation 3, Pistols 3, Shortarms 3, Unarmed Combat 3

Red Samurai (Professional Rating 5) - Body 4 Agility 5 Reaction 5(6) Strength 4 Charisma 3 Intuition 4 Logic 3 Willpower 4, Skills: Athletics Group 2, Blades 3, Dodge 4, Etiquette (Corp) 3 (+2), Firearms Group 5, Infiltration 3, Perception 3, Unarmed Combat 4, Cyber: Wired Reflexes 1, Cybereyes with Flare Comp, Smartlink

Tir Ghost (Professional Rating 6) - Body 4 Agility 6 Reaction 5(7) Strength 4 Charisma 5 Intuition 6 Logic 4 Willpower 5, Skills: Athletics Group 3, Demolitions 3, Dodge 4, Firearms Group 5, Perception 4, Stealth Group 6, Unarmed Combat 5, Cyber: Wired Reflexes 2, Flare Comp, Smartlink, Commlink

Ares, Aztechnology, Evo Corp, Horizon, Mitsuhama, NeoNet, Renraku, Saeder-Krupp, Shiawase, Wuxing
[Die neuen/alten Megas]

Who's President of the UCAS?
Angela Colloton

What happened to Cross ?
Lucien Cross died in a plane crash the very day of Crash 2.0. Damien Knight bought up Cross assets while Horizon group went after its Corp Court seat.

Btw, the first piece of fiction uses fuck, fuck, fuck and asshole instead of frag or other expletives like hoophead. So much for garnering that younger audience if parents skim that part, or the topless chick on page 44 wearing a couple band-aids across her nipples.


Athletics - Climbing, Gymnastics, Running, Swimming
Biotech - Cybertechnology, First Aid, Medicine
Close Combat - Blades, Clubs, Unarmed Combat (Note: Exotic Melee Weapon is NOT in any group. Also, Cyberimplant combat has been folded into the other weapon skills, like Unarmed and Blades)
Conjuring - Banishing, Binding, Summoning
Cracking - Cybercombat, Electronic Warfare, Hacking
Electronics - Computer, Data Search, Hardware, Software
Firearms - Automatics, Longarms, Pistols (Note: Exotic Ranged Weapon is NOT in any group)
Influence - Con, Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation
Mechanic - Aeronautics Mechanic, Automotive Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic, Nautical Mechanic
Outdoors - Navigation, Survival, Tracking
Sorcery - Counterspelling, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting
Stealth - Disguise, Infiltration, Palming, Shadowing
Tasking - Compiling, Decompiling, Registering

No Skill Group - Archery, Armorer, Artisan, Assensing, Astral Combat, Demolitions, Diving, Dodge, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gunnery, Instruction, Intimidation, Locksmith, Parachuting, Perception, Pilot Aerospace, Pilot Aircraft, Pilot Anthroform, Pilot Exotic Vehicle, Pilot Ground Craft, Pilot Watercraft, Throwing Weapons, and all Knowledge Skills.

Not a use of Edge, but if the dicepool is large enough, you can get automatic successes. 4-7 is one, +1 per 4 there after.

How does Regeneration work now? Does it heal stun damage? Regeneration rapidly heals any damage. A Magic + Body test is made at the end of the combat turn, and any hits on this test regenerates 1 point of Physical OR Stun damage (I don't know how one would decide, other than picking the "best" configuration based on wound penalties). If a critter takes Physical damage into Overflow, they still get to make a Regeneration test at the end of the combat turn. After the Regeneration test is made, if the overflow is greater than the Body attribute, the critter dies (this is the same as any PC, NPC, or critter).

Damage to brain or spinal cord cannot be healed, and magical damage from weapon foci, combat spells, critter/adept powers, or other magic cannot be healed. If the critter is affected by an Allergy, they cannot regenerate until the allergen is removed (so start blowing that sawdust at Vampires).

Zur Availability: Fehlt nurnoch der Zeitraum den der Schieber warten muss bevor er erneut würfeln darf, bzw die Periodendauer der Extended Tests bei Beschaffung. Ist das in dem "R" hinter der Availability versteckt ?
Das R steht für ein restricted item...
die Zeitabstände bestimmen sich je nach extendend test unterschiedlich, bei Availability ist es AFAIR der Preis des Gegenstandes.

If negative modifiers reduce the dice pool to 0 or less, Edge dice can be rolled and explode on a 6. A threshold of 4 is the highest listed as "extreme" difficulty.

Edge renews as GM sees fit, suggested every session.

No Rating - unaware
Rating 0 - untrained
1 - beginner
2 - novice
3 - Professional - college athlete, firearms as beat cop, tech as college grad, social as Mr Johnson, vehicle as cabbie, knowledge as 2 year degree (Kind of conflicts with college grad)
4 - Veteran - minor league ball player, marine or airborne, tech as 4 year experience, social as diplomat, vehicle as NASCAR driver, bachelors degree (again I see this conflicting)
5 - Expert - pro athlete, SWAT team member, top scientist, VP, vehicle as Ancients go-ganger(wtf?), master's degree
6 - Elite - Athletic superstar, superstar among elite forces, The Wright Brothers, President, Blue Angel stunt pilot, doctorate degree
7 - Legendary - Athletic legend Babe Ruth, Wild Bill Hickock, Edison, Fastjack, Reagan, Damien Knight, Red Baron, Einstein, Dr. Raven

Human Attribute Ratings

1 - weak
2 - underdeveloped
3 - typical
4 - improved
5 - superior
6 - maximum unmodified human

kay, next question. What is the general guideline for Karma awards at the end of the run?
They looked the same as third edition.

Edge up to all edge dice to a roll. All dice explode.
After a roll, may use edge dice to roll for added successes, only edge dice explode.
Spend a point of edge and re-roll all failures.
Just saw a footnote that the rule of 6 does not apply to the longshot test in previous post. They do not explode.
Spend a point and go first in an initiative pass. If multiple people spend edge they go according to initiative score.
Spend a point and gain 1 extra initiative pass for the combat turn.
Negate one glitch or critical glitch.
Invoke dead man's trigger rule (iirc involves acting after full condition monitor.)

Do the modificators for bad vision still differ for natural, cybernetic or external vision enhancers?
No, modifiers apply equally.

Can specializations exceed the skill cap of 6? As in Firearms Skill Group 6 (spec:pistols +2) for 8 dice?
Specialization is a modifier to the dice pool, not an increase in skill, or that's the way it looks. Your example is wrong about the skill group, but is on target if applied to Pistols 6, specialization semi-automatics for 8 dice + Agility as base dice pool.

Extended tests are written up in the following manner:
Dice Pool (Threshold, Time)

For example, Strength + Swimming (5, 1 hour). You roll multiple times, tallying up hits until you exceed the threshold. Each roll represents the time period listed. For example, in the previous test, if you were swimming across a lake, and you rolled three times (finally accumulating 5 hits after three rolls), you would take 3 Hours to do that task.

The GM, at his/her discretion, may limit the amount of rolls made to a number (they suggest a maximum of rolls equal to the number of dice in the dice pool). If a glitch occurs, the GM may decide to inconvenience the PC in some way (represented by "removing" the hits by 1d6). On a critical glitch, the whole thing is a bust, and the character has to start over.

PCs can also attempt to do a "rush job" and cut the interval time in half. However, this makes it so that 1s AND 2s can trigger a glitch.

Glitch, just for reference, is having half or more of your dice come up as 1s. All 1s is a Critical Glitch (which is just like the old Fumble rule)
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